What Is A Common Use Agreement

Contracts, also known as Common Use Arrangements, exist for goods and services usually purchased by the government, such as. B as fuel, computer, electricity, travel, advertising, food and stationery. Regional purchase agreements (RBAs) and group buyout arrangements (GBAs) are available for regional purchases. Food, agricultural products and waste management services are examples. To apply for a specific Common Use Arrangement (CUA), please contact the contract manager on the AUC page. Below is a list of common-use contracts between the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Finance that must be used to purchase covered goods or services. The SEC has requested that important products be available to meet the needs of critical customers across the state. On this date, essential products are considered products related to personal protective equipment (EPI), cleaning products and disinfectants. This requirement can be extended to other products in the coming weeks. Potential FDI applicants or other government agencies must complete the application form and provide documentation to meet the eligibility criteria. If an approved PBI does not access an AUC within 5 years, the Ministry of Finance may exclude it from the acquisition register, which can arrange purchases: for furniture and equipment that is not available under the common use arrangement, the advisor must enter the offers in accordance with CSA guidelines. The Register of Persons Who Can Make Purchases on Common Use Arrangements (CUA) lists all authorized users of the CUA. This list helps AUC contract providers identify individuals and entities authorized to access their government missions.

. If the AUC you are looking for is no longer listed, it may have been configured after the expiry date. To apply for a settled AUC or for general requests from the AUC, please email us On behalf of the SEC, the Ministry of Finance (Finance) is attempting to negotiate, on behalf of the Government of Western Australia, a one-time purchase of all available inventory of these essentials. The priorities and distribution of these products are determined by the SEC in consultation with the Chief Health Officer and the Department of Health. The goal is to ensure that critical customers are available at this stage of the emergency, in line with SEC priorities. For more information, see the EPI`s list of priorities. Most CUAs are mandatory for authorities in the Perth metropolitan area. If your delivery point is regional and there is a CUA, but the CUA is not mandatory in the regions, you can: Welcome to the new WA Contracts site, where you can find buyer guides for common usage arrangements (CUAs), regional purchase agreements (RBAs) and purchasing group arrangements (GBAs). Metropolitan Trade Services Breakdown Repair, Planned Maintenance, Minor Works and Professional Services to Health Service Providers Panel Arrangements. If you are a supplier who wants to sell to the government, you will find more information about the goods and services delivery guide. If it is not a common utilization arrangement or a panel agreement, the customer`s contract applies to the products and/or services listed in the client`s contractual documents.

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