Alamy License Agreement

Alamy appears to have a retroactive licensing policy to cover past unlicensed publications of images from them. Alamy is not expected to issue a licence at a later date after notification of the infringement. There is no legal basis for such a licence. The earlier publication was illegal and the subsequent granting of a licence cannot make this prior illegal act legitimate. Our images, all RM, have already been conceded with ridiculously long durations that will survive us. They`re lost anyway. Do we want to give someone else an appropriate part of the work of our life in the conditions of Alamy? Rights licences are more restrictive. The license defines where, when and how an image is used and how long an image is available to be used. With Alamy, you can filter your image searches to find the RF or RM license. Buyers are offered a full refund of their purchase if they inform Alamy within 30 days of the date of the invoice.

To start the refund process, contact Alamy also refunds buyers if they discover a defect in the images they have purchased. Alamy must be notified of incorrect images within 30 days of the delivery date to obtain a refund. In some cases, Alamy may replace the defective image instead of sending a refund. The publisher returned to Alamy, who was more than happy to sell a license, one that was impossible to sell for them. Non-exclusive license means that in addition to 500px, you can concede your photos through other commercial license providers or other commercial buyers, or you have in the past authorized the photo commercially. Royalty-Free (RF) Royalty-free means that the licence fee is paid only once and the buyer will not have to pay additional royalties if the content is reused. Free licensed content is allowed for unlimited and unlimited use, and prices are based on file size. Content that is subject to a 500px license is all unlicensed.

Note: Due to the nature of unlicensed royalties, it is not possible, in most cases, to confirm the end user or customer. Another key element that is not dealt with here is the transfer of payments to photographers who left Alamy when an image is re-licensed. The payment will be paid in full and at the time of payment or it will still be subject to the minimum payment threshold of c75 dollars. It could be done in a small amount of money in the pot. Here, too, things like this must be concealed to make it a robust and credible treaty. Option (a) would not include a new audit by Alamy, except perhaps a courtesy email to inform the customer of an unpaid cancellation and a re-licensing offer. Photographers would know the deadline based on the date of sale. Alamy: Thank you for letting us know that there would be no problem in conceding the image however it is my assertion that the standard position for Alamy should be clearly in black and white – retrospective/retroactive licenses will not be issued under any circumstances. (a) Amendment 6.4.1. (last sentence: “This clause will remain fully in effect after the termination of this contract or the removal of the image and will take effect even after his departure from Alamy” means that the photographer, after leaving Alamy, will never recover the full rights to an image previously sold by Alamy.

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