Washington Paid Sick Leave Collective Bargaining Agreement

As of March 2, 2015, all Oakland employees will be entitled to paid sick leave. Oakland employees receive paid sick leave of one hour per thirty. Small businesses (less than ten employees) can limit sick leave to forty hours and all other companies can limit the absenteeism rate to 72 hours. Employees can take advantage of their vacation to support themselves or for an immediate or advanced family member. In addition, workers who do not have a registered spouse or national partner are given 10 days after the first hour of sick leave has been lifted to designate a person who wishes to be covered by this directive. 7. Can employers prefer paid sick leave? Yes, but the amount of paid absenteeism submitted by the employer must be equal to or greater than the amount the worker would receive if he accumulated one hour`s leave for each hour of work of 40 hours worked. If the employer does not know for sure how many hours the worker will work during the year, it may be difficult to calculate the amount of leave up to the pre-charge. In addition, unlike many local regulations, preload leave does not exempt employers from the requirement to allow the transfer of up to 40 hours of leave to next year. According to the San Francisco Payid Sick Leave Ordinance, employers must provide paid sick leave to any worker working full-time or part-time in San Francisco. The paid sickness period begins on the worker`s first working day and can be used after the 90th day of employment.

Workers earn 1 hour of paid absenteeism for every 30 hours of work. The absenteeism rate is calculated in hours, not in fractions of an hour. For employers with fewer than 10 employees, paid sick leave may be limited to 48 hours per year. For employers with 10 or more employees, paid sick leave may be limited to 72 hours per year. The period of deserved illness is not taking place and is moving on to next year. A worker can take as many sick hours as he wants in a year until he has reached the overall ceiling. Sick leave may be taken due to illness, injury or medical treatment or diagnosis for the worker, family member or other designated person. If the worker does not have a registered spouse or national partner, he or she can designate a person.

A staff member may change the designated person once a year within 10 days of the start of sick leave.

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