Rental Agreement With No Smoking Clause

I`m a landlord, my neighbor lives in a private rental. Both inmates are heavy smokers. As a family of five, we cannot enjoy our garden or wash them because of the constant smell of cigarettes. Can I contact the owner and complain about a waste of time? Very interesting information, thank you to everyone who contributed to it. My wife and I live on the top floor of a renovated two-storey townhouse. We separated the entrance from the other tenants, but all that separates us from them are floor slabs. As it is an old building, there are burnt-out areas in a number of rooms, they are set up, but I think they are also shared by the rooms on the ground floor. Unfortunately for us, the tenants under the smoke and not just tobacco. During the winter months, they tend to smoke indoors or lean out the window. Our rooms stink of smoke and we are regularly effective from the illicit substances they smoke. They will often stand at their door, but as we have a window just above, it is not good.

The windows are old blackouts and do not hold back the smoke. We asked them to be more attentive, but they are going back to old ways. We don`t have any other problems with them, so we don`t want to break down with them. Our T/C condition that smoking is not allowed, which I consider to be the same for them, has laws in the UK to say how far away they should be from the building when they smoke outside, because we are both affected by their smoking. (especially “funny things”) Owners are aware of bad odours and damage to a cabin caused by a regular smoking habit. But on the other hand, there are still a lot of smokers out there, and a tolerant attitude to cigarettes will open up a landlord up to the maximum number of potential tenants. I live in an apartment, and I have a neighbor upstairs, and all his smoke arrives in my apartment at one point when I entered my room, and I couldn`t sleep at 10pm because it was full of cigarette smoke. It is absolutely disrespectful to these neighbours. My rental agreement says that my premises are for “enjoyment of life”.

Where is my pleasure, where I have to close my terrace door in hot weather because of those who are simply disrespectful? The hallways are full of warnings that smoking is not allowed, but I spoke to the company that manages the building, and they said they could not prevent people from smoking in their homes. Everything`s fine, but could I go to court and ask the owner not to let me “enjoy my livelihood”? I literally feel locked up! SMOKING BAN POLICY. Tenants, or family or tenants cannot smoke on the premises.

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