Michigan Transfer Agreement Schools

Your Community College will provide detailed information, including approved courses, to complete the MTA. We advise you to check our transfer plans and consult with your advisor to meet the MTA requirements and ask your Community College to check your registration to add MTA confirmation to your transcript. Look for articulation agreements and transfer manuals. With the Michigan Transfer Agreement, 30 loans will be transferred to every public institution in Michigan. Learn more about transfer options and plan your route to the conclusion. Below, we describe the MTA courses by the sending institution. These courses were evaluated based on the distribution needs of the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts (LSA). Other schools and higher education institutions have different requirements for the transmission of MTA course certificates and different requirements from the courses required for admission. Please check our requirements and deadlines (add a link). Joint agreementsA articulation agreement is an agreement formally signed between two universities or two partner universities.

Depending on the situation, it can be a great way to achieve your personal educational goals. The Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA) was specifically designed to streamline general education transfers between higher education institutions. One of the guiding principles of the agreement is to promote transparency between higher education institutions and to ensure that students have accurate information about transfers. Additional courses in each category above to complete the minimum of 30 credits. A minimum score of 2.0 is required for each course. Students can benefit from courses taught by more than one university to meet the MTA, including courses at EMU and transferred to community schools. A list of approved courses at the end of the MTA can be find on your community college website. Some participating higher education and university institutions may require that you take additional courses that cannot be satisfied with the courses listed in the categories of this agreement. To learn more about the requirements of a four-year institution, please contact your university advisor. The Michigan Transfer Agreement is the result of all registrars of all Michigan Community colleges and public universities working together to facilitate the transfer of general educational requirements from one institution to another.

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