Impact Benefit Agreements Canada

It is common knowledge that the Government of Canada has a duty to consult with First Nations groups and communities. Consultation is required where existing or invoked Aboriginal rights may be affected by a government decision. B, for example, by granting a project authorization. While the Crown is responsible for appropriate consultation and accommodation, it is often beneficial for proponents of the project to engage and consult with First Nations who may be affected by a project. Benefit impact agreements – or IBAs – can be an effective way for project participants to provide housing, although AIs are separated from consultation. An IBA is an agreement for the proponent of providing benefits to First Nations in exchange for nations` support for the project. At the provincial and territorial level, there are significant differences in regulatory requirements for IBAs and the sharing of resource use with local communities. In Alberta, for example, IBAs are voluntary, while in Saskatchewan, mining companies, These framework lease agreements are designed to improve employment and economic opportunities and are necessary for the award of long-term leases19 Note 😀 The NRCan map shows the location of Aboriginal communities and provides specific information on the types of agreements. signed between municipalities and mining companies.

With the help of several IBA experts, the Gordon Foundation and The Firelight Group have partnered with author Ginger Gibson to update the toolkit in light of recent legislative changes and court decisions that may affect negotiations. The new toolkit is now available to order. Registered charities wishing to host an IBA Community Toolkit workshop for First Nation, Inuit and Métis communities in Canada should contact the Gordon Foundation to organize a trained workshop leader and free toolkits.

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