Essex County Council Direct Payment Agreement

You can`t use it for something we didn`t approve of, for example. B administrative costs associated with direct payments. This is defined in your care and support plan. All paid cards are no longer issued. However, existing cardholders can continue to pay with their card at Basildon Council. An online payment is available at any time of the day on each device. Purple knows that the responsibility of managing your own direct payment can be quite scary at first, but good information and up-to-date advice and can make it a really positive experience for you. We ask you to view your records of how you spent the direct payment money. This could be the case: If you make a cash payment for Council accommodation or garage rental at Basildon Council from your bank, please pay the following account number: You can use your direct payments to employ a personal assistant or guardian to assist you. This will give you more control over the help you get. GOV.UK for legal consultation on direct payments 2014 (Chapter 12) E-mail: Phone: 0345 603 7630 Text phone: 0345 758 5592 You or your legal representative must sign an agreement (PDF, 405KB) to say that you understand the terms of direct payments. If your direct payments are suspended or suspended, we will continue to organize your assistance and support to ensure that your assessed legitimate needs are met. Automated payment points are available at the Basildon Centre reception.

Our ATMs accept payments for all Council services with cash payments or credit/debit cards. Contact us if you have any questions about your direct payments. Direct payments are payments we give you so that you can arrange the care and assistance we have agreed and need. They must open a special bank account for direct payments and manage the money themselves. You will receive the money in the form of monthly payments. 1. The current average number of weekly hours ordered from August 2017 to private home care services for adult social care 2. Estimated annual expenditure on the home care of adults through private home care services (based on 2016) 3.

The nature of agreements with private providers responsible for providing social assistance services to adults, such as the framework. B, cash contracts, block contracts, etc., and their departure/end dates 4. The lowest and highest rates (calculated on the basis of the standard weekly rate) per hour of home care charged to the local adult social assistance authority ordered by private home care providers 5. If you expect a new tender for home care services for adult social care 6. The names of current home care providers who have been instructed within your authority to provide adult social care 7. The contact name, email address and contact number of the person responsible for commissioning home care services within your authority 8. Are mandated providers required to use real-time electronic monitoring to provide data to the local authority and, if so, what system? 9. The number of service users who currently receive a direct payment in your municipality, as well as the number of average hours per week. 10.

Does the local authority work with health partners to order health-funded care? 11. The authorities` current market positioning statement for adult social assistance IMPORTANT: If you make a payment to basildon Council at your bank, please provide the appropriate payment reference number on your bank payment receipt. Depending on what you pay, we will continue to update instructions on managing direct payments during the pandemic. First, setting up a direct debit system is the easiest way to pay your bills. Basildon Council automatically accepts payment on a pre-agreed date – so you know you are paying your bills on time.

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