Alliance Trust Savings Adviser Charging Agreement

Alliance Trust shares are excluded from restrictions imposed by the ACF rules on undated investment products, as they are units of an investment fund. The company was created to provide a savings option to Alliance Trust shareholders, who still account for 40% of customers. The company sold its full SIPP book to Curtis Banks in 2013, allowing it to focus on the platform. Alliance Trust Savings is a platform company and subsidiary of the investment firm Trust Alliance Trust, headquartered in Dundee, Scotland. ATS has become a platform pioneer for fixed costs. While most of the funds invested are in the field of direct platform, the activity through consultants has grown due to low costs and a transparent loading structure. Investment trusts can borrow to finance other investments (gears). The use of the gear will likely result in a volatility in net inventory value (NAV), which means that a relatively small downward or upward movement in the value of a trust`s assets will result in an increased movement in the same direction of that NAV. This may mean that you can`t get anything back.

Investment confidence spending reduces Alliance Trust`s revenues. The risk is that in the event of low returns, expenses may exceed total realized revenues, so that Alliance Trust does not pay dividends and capital value is reduced. If expenses are billed to capital as a policy issue, it will reduce Alliance Trust`s capital value. 1. What is the Alliance Trust? Alliance Trust PLC (Alliance Trust) is an investment company listed on the London Stock Exchange. Alliance Trust is registered in Scotland (sc1731). The Alliance Trust`s headquarters are located in River Court, 5 West Victoria Dock Road, Dundee DD1 3JT 5. The non-mainstream Pooled Investment (NMPI) -StatusAlliance Trust currently manages its business, so its shares may be recommended by independent financial advisors to ordinary retail investors, in accordance with Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) rules regarding undated upstream investment products, and intends to continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Private investors should consider consulting an independent financial advisor who specializes in advising on the acquisition of shares and other securities before acquiring shares.

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