Agreement Bonus

The preparation of the paper begins with the design of the General Provisions section. Here are the goals for which bonuses are awarded. For example, an employer may impose financial incentives to improve the productivity or quality of an activity. Other formulations are permitted. 12. The payment of bonuses is made during the month following the reference month, at the same time as the payment of salaries for that month (reporting). A detailed description of the method of calculating and paying for the different types of premiums is contained in the appendices of this regulation, which are an integral part of it, unless otherwise stated in the schedules. Calculating the amount of bonuses in cases where a worker changes positions in a company during a quarter and dismisses an employee, the worker changes positions several times during the quarter and in other cases that are not settled directly by this regulation, at the discretion of the company. The annual bonus is paid to employees who have been transferred to their workplace during a calendar year in another company position, in accordance with the following rule: the bonus for the quarter in which the transition to another position was made within the company is determined on the basis of the position indicators in which the employee worked for more than two calendar months of the quarter. Recommendation of a candidate who was then recruited by the company and passed the hiring exam. The additional conditions and procedure for calculating and paying such a bonus are defined in the schedule of this regulation from the start date of work with the company if the employment contract with the worker expressly provides for the possibility of paying bonuses in accordance with the premium regulation, or 14. The amount of bonuses can be set in absolute terms or as a percentage of salaries, calculated in scales, collective agreements or according to the salaries of civil servants.

2. General conditions and procedures for calculating and paying bonuses The amount of the bonus is set by the head of the work collective for each employee based on his personal benefits and the contribution to the overall result of the team. The degree of participation of each employee in the overall results of the team`s work is determined by an individual coefficient of labour market participation. The value of this coefficient for each employee can be determined by the collective of work itself or by its manager.

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